Our structure

Our activities are based on the Statutes of the organization. The supreme body is the Annual General Meeting at which the members of the organization elect the Board. The Board appoints a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. Furthermore, the Board may appoint one or more additional Board members to carry out special tasks.

The daily management of the organization is carried out by the Secretariat under the direction of our Chief Executive Officer.

We set up permanent and temporary Committees as needed, all of whom refer to the Board.

To strengthen networking among members, we set up Groups focusing on specific areas of particular relevance to a given number of members. These groups are established on the basis of expressions of interest from members.

Through the Board and other members of the organization, we have representation in a wide range of external councils, boards, committees, and foundations.  

In support of the continued development of the organization, temporary Think Tanks with specific tasks have been established on several occasions. We also have a number of affiliates, some of whom are elected by the Annaul General Meeting.